Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Well whaddaya know? The weather forecasters actually got it right this time. What looks like six inches overnight, and as I write this, it’s still coming down. I’m taking a momentary break from sidewalk-clearing, but I’ve no doubt that I’ll have to get back out before too long and do it all again. Thankfully, my wife Pam took a fairly extensive turn at shoveling as well, but that’s not what’s most exciting about today.

That would be the girls, all bundled up and romping around in the blanket of white. Pam contends that snow days rank third among kids’ favorite days — just behind Christmas and Halloween — and after watching the two of them this morning, I’m inclined to agree. My oldest was fascinated by her new kitten’s surprised reaction, while simultaneously worrying that, being all white, she’d get lost amidst the drifts (she needn’t have concerned herself — after an initial foray, little Lily was all too happy to remain indoors).

The downside to all of this is missing work. Now before you write me off as some kind of workaholic nut job, I’m more than happy to have the time with the family (my boss actually left me a message asking me to do so). But the nature of success (at least for me) is that you end up with more and more work: At the moment, I’ve got two videos to edit, two to revise, one to shoot tomorrow, and a couple more on the back burner.

Well, I’ll try to take advantage of this forced respite to get in a little family time before cracking down. But first it’s back to shoveling.


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