Let It Stop, Let It Stop, Let It Stop

Okay, maybe that last one was a little blunt, but frankly, I couldn’t think of any other way to say it that truly captured my frustration this morning. The one day when I’ve got to scramble to get a million things done is the day we get six-and-a-half inches of snow. First thing I did upon my arrival at the office was dash off that quick little summation of my sentiments.

Fortunately, things are starting to look a little more under control right now. I’m preparing to head out to beautiful Des Moines to shoot a case study video next week, followed immediately thereafter by a similar trip to Boston. The Boston trip at least has the advantage of allowing me to see my new nephew, but trying to figure out how to get 100 pounds of video equipment (safely and reliably) out to Iowa, then up to Boston, then back to D.C. is proving a little stressful. It seems like we’ve got everything under control, but I can’t help feeling that we’re leaving something out.

I’ve also just discovered that the Holiday Inn at which we’re staying (in Des Moines) is the only one without high-speed ’net access. So it looks like I’ll be coming back to the dreaded slew of e-mail messages upon my return; I’ll be back in the office for a grand total of one day before embarking on the second leg of my little video journey (where, fortunately, we’ll have an Internet connection). I’ll try to post updates on our progress as time permits, but given the shooting and editing schedules we’ve got, I’m not promising anything.

In other news, I’m trying to get all of my separate financial accounts organized on line, and it’s proving to be a lot more difficult than I’d planned. Every institution has different rules for user id and password formats — often for different accounts at the same institution — making it impossible to remember anything, and none of them are really set up to talk to each other. Or to Quicken, for that matter. After several weeks, I still haven’t been able to access my SunTrust accounts.

The only one that gets an “A” has to be USAA, where everything works beautifully. Unfortunately, I got spoiled by setting up that account first, and now I’m feeling nothing but frustration. It’s doubly frustrating when you realize how much money the banks are saving by allowing people to conduct business digitally — shades of the ATM scam, where they charge you coming and going for transactions that cost them a fraction of what they did using tellers (another area in which USAA gets an “A,” for not only not charging you for using a rival bank’s ATM, but reimbursing you for whatever the other bank charges). It’s seriously enough to make me want to do everything face-to-face, not because I prefer to do things that way (I don’t), but because I know it costs them through the nose.

Hey, two can play at this game.


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