Ahh, Time for a Vacation...

Well, the shoot is done, and I’m winging my way back home — almost literally, as I’m writing this entry from the plane (alas, I cannot yet post from mid-air, but I’m optimistic that, in time, even that will be come commonplace). In fact, we were able to finish up our last interviews on time, get the equipment shipped back, and return the rental car more quickly than expected, allowing us to catch the shuttle an hour earlier. An hour may not seem like all that much, but after the work we’ve all put in, it’s a welcome relief. Not to mention the fact that it’ll mean I’ll get home in time to kiss the kids goodnight.

So it’s good-bye, Brooklyn, home of double-parking and honking horns (I just had to mention that part again — I couldn’t believe how widespread those practices were), and hello Washington, home of... I never thought I’d say this, but comparatively polite drivers. Tomorrow morning it’s off to the Jersey shore, where I sincerely doubt I’ll be popping on-line to post.

Although I will be bringing Murphy along for the trip.



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