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Maybe it’s just my own awakening to the ways of the world, but it seems that across the past decade, political discourse has abandoned any resemblance to civilized debate and has devolved into overt, all-or-nothing conflict. In Reagan’s time, people disagreed, but it seemed that folks could at least remain civil, respectful of others’ viewpoints. Now there’s no sense of political negotiation, no possibility of consensus, compromise, or cooperation (and I don’t claim to be any better — hell, I’m calling for little George’s impeachment, for crying out loud). I trace it back to when big George caved to the far-right nut jobs, and handed the Republican party over to the extremists. And before people start blasting me for denigrating people on the basis of their religion, back off. One, I don’t start objecting until people start trying to impose their views on others, and two, I don’t give a rat’s ass.

I used to think I could vote on the basis of an individual’s statements and actions, regardless of party affiliation, but now, the very fact that anyone running for office would align themselves with the Republican party tells me all I need to know. Moderates are no longer welcome. I have a tough time remaining civil to anyone who professes themselves to be a Republican; this does not encompass those who express conservative viewpoints on any particular issue or set of issues, but again, if anyone goes so far as to overtly align themselves with the G.O.P., I start making judgments.

Still, I’m planning to vote in tomorrow’s Republican primary — if only to do as much damage as one vote can (which is effectively none, but it’s a symbolic gesture). That’s the beauty of Virginia politics — anyone can vote in a party primary, regardless of affiliation. I’ll vote for the most incompetent candidate in each race, rationalizing that they’d have the best chance of being beaten by a Democratic candidate; sure, I run the risk of having a buffoon in office, but aren’t they all?

Given the latest revelations about the reports given to the Bush regime by the intelligence community (notwithstanding the obligatory denials), I have to conclude that anyone who still believes that we went to war for anything other than oil is either hopelessly gullible or unbelievably stupid. And given the recent polls saying most Americans think it doesn’t matter whether or not “weapons of mass destruction” are found, I’m seriously leaning toward the latter. I have yet to hear a logically sound argument in support of the invasion that doesn’t depend on finding unconventional weapons. Don’t give me that complete bullshit about Saddam being an evil that must be removed — if that were the case, we’d have gone into Congo before Iraq (or Uganda, or Liberia, or... you get the idea). Until we do, that argument doesn’t hold a drop of water. It’s kind of funny that with Independence Day coming up, I’m feeling the least patriotic I’ve ever felt in my entire life. I’ll probably go through the motions for the sake of the kids (though I wonder if that’s doing them more harm than good in the long term), but you won’t hear me making any pro-U.S.A. comments. I suppose the feeling will pass eventually — after all, I’m still a big fan of that there Constitution — but right now, I’m not so sure. When the entire world opposes you, you have to wonder about the validity of your position...

And bravo to Canada on the decision to stand up to U.S. pressure and substantially lower the penalties for simple marijuana possession, if for no other reason than it’s fun to watch the ONDCP bastards writhe in frustration.


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