We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties; Please Stand By

Okay, nothing too serious, but the Flash-based animation I had accompanying my robotic alter-ego Liam is messing up — it’ll show the animation, but not anywhere for you to actually chat with him. And well, since that’s pretty much the whole point, I’ve decided to forgo the animation and stick to what works. Along those lines, I’ve made quite a bit of headway in getting him to react more like me, but he’s still a long way from working the way I want him to.

So for anyone who’d like to see particular sets of knowledge imparted to our little friend, pass them along; the best format is Q&A style. Unless you’re more technically inclined, and would like to try your hand at AIML programming, but I’m guessing that’s not a whole lot of you (although if anyone runs across any repositories of general-knowledge AIML files out there, do let me know).


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