A Little Moral Dilemma

A coworker of mine pointed me to a site being sponsored by the Primate Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at Harvard called the Moral Sense Test. It’s part of a test they’re doing on moral decision making (given the tongue-in-cheek — though accurate — animation atop the lab’s Web page, I’m a little skeptical about their motives, but the test is still fun, and harmless enough). I don’t want to say too much here for fear of spoiling the results, but having taken the test myself, I think it’s a worthwhile exercise.

So here’s my proposal: Go, take the test, then come back and let me know what you thought (via the feedback link above). And if you haven’t taken the test yet, don’t look at the feedback section for this entry, since doing so will pretty much preclude you from being able to take the test objectively.

See you in the discussion area...


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