More Wholesome Discordian Goodness

Hail Eris!See, we Discordians just love our holidays. Today marks one of the more obscure ones on the Erisian calendar, so no hard feelings if you didn’t have it marked down in advance. Today’s Eye Day for the Season of Bureaucracy. So everyone go out, grab yourself a map of the London Underground, and play a rousing game of Discordian Mornington Crescent (once described as “the board-game equivalent of Calvinball”), the traditional Eye Day celebration. If you need a bit more explanation as to the rules (or lack thereof), or just want to read some rather interesting game transcripts, you might try the 23 Apples of Eris site’s entry on the subject.

And feel free to substitute your own city of choice for London — I know around here, DC Metro maps are easier to come by.


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