I’m Getting a Little Lax in My News Coverage

I completely neglected to mention the Golden Globe award nominations announced last week. I suppose at this late date, you’ve either read them yourselves — or at the least can do so without too much effort. For my part, I find it notable that of all the motion picture nominations, I’ve seen... two. Finding Nemo and Love Actually. Sure, I’ll be seeing Return of the King before year’s end, but other than that, I’m out of it. I am faring better on the television front (though not all that much), having watched 24, Friends and Sex and the City regularly enough (though the increasingly crappy Friends is rapidly dropping off the must-see schedule), and I’ve at least seen Life With Bonnie.

It’s just not as easy to get out anymore. I thought that with both my folks having retired this year, it’d be easier to have them watch the girls, but instead, they’re actually — how dare they — doing things themselves. Like traveling. Or spending time at their lake house. Thankfully, we’ve found a new local babysitter, so maybe we’ll have some more chances to get out, but this year’s a wash.

And with that, I’ll be signing off. I may pop in briefly, but in all likelihood, I’ll be going off-line for the holidays. Hope everyone has a joyous yuletide, and I’ll see you in 2004: The Year We Oust the Regime.


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