My Critiques (the Official Ones, Anyway) Are Finished

Project GreenlightJust turned in my fifteenth critique for Project Greenlight. That’s it — while I can keep reading and critiquing screenplays, it will no longer count toward the scoring of the competition. And while I’m all for helping other writers develop their craft, there’s no longer a whole lot of incentive for me to wallow in filth.

The final tally? Of fifteen scripts I read, only five were what I’d consider worth consideration. I’m not saying they should all make the top 1,000 (let alone the top 100), but they’re workable. I only really enjoyed maybe two of them.

Now, I am still reading a couple of scripts — namely, scripts by fellow contestants who’ve been so gracious as to allow me to do so. The way I figure it, if someone feels confident enough in their material to pass it along (or just to make it available to the ’net community at large), there’s a pretty good chance that it’s better than most of the stuff in the contest. We’ll see — but it’ll be nice to offer a critique without being limited to the 2,000 characters PGL allows. So if anyone else out there would like to submit your work to my scrutiny, I’ll happily give it a read. And along those same lines, if any writers out there would like to take a gander at Holding Pattern, drop me a line.

Here’s the log line: After a particularly nasty breakup, a young artist is dismayed to find that his work has been removed from a gallery showing. He hatches a plan to have his work shown — and thus escape from his dead-end job — but his plans have unforeseen consequences when he falls for the very woman whose entry he displaced. Yes, it’s a “romcom,” and not the “horror/thriller” script PGL3 claimed to favor. But I submitted it anyway, based on some interview comments Chris Moore made in Entertainment Weekly, in which he said they’d also be considering comedies. We’ll see what happens.


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