Another Puzzling Day

Swamped at the office, so no time to write anything deep today (well, other than the fact that I’m seriously pissed that Duh-bya’s “No Regrets, No Mistakes, No Responsibility, No Lessons Learned” show preempted 24 last night). But I did want to offer a heartfelt congratulations to Lisa K for solving last week’s “Promethean Cryptoquip”:

“No, I don’t know that Atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God.” — George H.W. Bush

It’s a quote I ran across while bopping around the ’net aimlessly, and thought it worthy of notation. Now, let me be clear — we’re talking about George H.W. Bush, not little Shrub (most citations say simply “George Bush,” making it potentially ambiguous). The religious beliefs of children can deviate substantially from those of their parents — I’m living proof of that. But I think his record has proven that the son’s likely to agree with his father’s sentiments in this case.

As I’ve often said, I consider myself a “devout agnostic” rather than a true atheist — I find the whole religion debate logically meaningless, and afford it no consideration whatsoever; by its nature, religion can neither be proven nor disproven, and I would therefore be entering into a logical fallacy were I to assert that there is no god. I’ve never seen anything to lead me to believe that there is a god, but that doesn’t prove one doesn’t exist. Believe what you like — you’ll get no argument from me. Until you start forcing your beliefs on me. By, say, mandating a “pledge of allegiance” to your god, for example.

So how about another one? I’m really not trying to start a recurring theme in the ’quips here, but this one does bear a resemblance to the last in general subject area — depending on your interpretation, of course. That’s all I’ll give you by way of a hint. Stick your answers in the comments on this entry, and good luck!



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