Reversal of Fortune

Hmm, looks like our number-one intelligence supplier is no longer in quite the favor he once enjoyed. Maybe someone’s finally catching on the the fact that pretty much everything Ahmed Chalabi fed us was false — or at the very least tainted so much as to be useless.

Come on! This is a guy who had no internal Iraqi support to speak of, is still wanted in Jordan on bank fraud charges, and — above all else — was bound and determined to become the next Saddam Hussein. Oh, maybe not as brutal or overtly dictatorial, but the guy was on his own little power trip. He never gave a rat’s ass about “freeing the Iraqi people” — he just told us whatever he thought would best position himself to become the new number-one guy in Iraq.

Okay, so maybe the police warrant issued to search his home was trumped-up. I don’t know. But I’m going to have a tough time believing a guy whose sole claim to fame is being a liar.


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