What, You Thought Today Was Election Day? Try Next Week... Maybe...

In the face of plummeting approval ratings, it’s only natural that Duh-bya’s cronies (or “unindicted co-conspirators”) should start brainstorming how they can steal this election as well.

“Hmmm... what if, at the last minute, we changed the election day? So if things were looking bad for little George, we could just say, ‘Sorry, folks, we’ve decided to have the election next week.’ Then we could have time to regroup, blame it all on the terrorists, whatever. Whaddaya think?”

While it’s certainly conceivable to imagine a scenario in which an election might have to be moved, it’s a bit of a stretch. What is an immeasurably more likely scenario is that they’ll start making up some vague, undefined “threats” (oh, wait, they’ve already done that part) that will necessitate postponing the election until things are “under control.”

And in this regime’s interpretation, since there is no end to the “threat,” the new election date will be... hmmm, let’s see... never.


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