Could I Possibly Rave More About The Daily Show?

I’ve already commented on how The Daily Show is vastly superior to the supposedly “legitimate” news programs out there, and I still believe that — watch it and despite the comedic tone (or perhaps because of it), you’ll be far better informed than had you tuned into network news.

Of course, they ran a “clip show” on Monday night, as they commenced coverage of the Fascist National Convention* last night. And, as with all clip shows, it generated the occasional chuckle but few real laughs. With one notable exception.

In commenting on the American electorate, Steven Colbert coined a new adjective to describe our pudgy hands: “be-Chee·toed.” Hell, I’m not even sure how I should spell it (Should there be a hyphen aftyer “be”? Should the “C” be capitalized? Should I stick that little dot in “Chee·to”?), but I’m going to do everything I can to work that word into everyday conversation.

I’ll certainly have plenty of opportunity.

* No apologies — that’s exactly what it is. How stupid do they think the American people are? The return of “compassionate conservatism”? You threw that out the window the moment you were appointed, Duh-bya. You haven’t got a compassionate bone in your body, and it’s just a little late to start pretending now. You are most emphatically not a “Republican” — if you were, I could disagree with your philosophy, but still respect you as a rational human being who merely sees the world differently. No, you’re the spokesman for the extreme right-wing nut jobs, and don’t give a rat’s ass about the American people.


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