The Anti-Values Party

I refuse to allow the G.O.P. to make any claim that their party is the party of “values,” or that “values issues” somehow allowed them to win the election.

What they term “values” are nothing of the sort. They’re hatred.

Hatred of homosexuals. Hatred of non-Christians. Hatred of non-whites (let’s not be naïve by pretending otherwise). Hatred of intellectuals. Hatred of anything and anyone they don’t understand — and that’s quite a bit.

Do all Republicans share these “values”? Not by a long shot — hell, these issues weren’t even a part of the Republican platform until some opportunist figured out they could steal a lot of traditionally Democratic voters by trumpeting them. But that fact doesn’t stop the rank and file from claiming they’ve got an effective monopoly on “values.”

You don’t. Not that you have a monopoly on hatred, either, but you sure as hell seem to be the group most eager to capitalize on it.


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