Miles To Go Before I Sleep

Okay, so I did the all-nighter thing back in October. But somethow there’s something very different about pulling it at the office. Maybe it’s the fact that there’s nobody else around here. Or that I can’t just roll over and go to sleep when I decide I’ve reached a stopping point.

Or maybe it’s just that they’re testing the damned fire alarms — i.e., they’re ringing constantly — and have been for the past hour.

In any case, it’s seven a.m., and I’ve been here since a little after eight this yesterday morning. And I’ve still got a whole chunk of work to do before I can call it a day. Not to mention I’ve got to get it all into a format that the client can view, so they can decide what changes they need me to make.

So the whole damn thing can go live Wednesday evening.

Man, I’m getting punchy...


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