The Power of Fake News(casters)

Well, whaddaya know? Looks like Jon Stewart has more power than even he likes to admit.

Not only is CNN giving Tucker Carlson the boot (after his contract expired yesterday), but they’re canceling his show altogether. And CNN/U.S. president Jonathan Klein is saying that Stewart was right in his now-infamous attack on “Crossfire” as a partisan slugfest devoid of actual news content. (The video of the glorious event is still available here.) CNN Washington bureau chief David Bohrman added that “there was a sense that ‘Crossfire’ has developed into people asking each other if they still beat their wife.”

(The Post article didn’t say anything about Stewart’s regular characterization of Carlson’s “Crossfire” compatriot Robert Novak as “Douchebag of Liberty.” Curious.)

I can’t wait to see what Stewart has to say about it tonight...


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