Block Away

After reading about this in the Post, I got all excited for a moment — but it looks like the Fox Blocker won’t work with satellite systems.

Still, I think the work they’re doing is commendable (if not truly likely to have anything more than a symbolic impact). So at the least, I’ll encourage all of you who have regular cable to give it a look.

In related news, I think I’ll adobt Eric Idle’s suggestion that Fox News be hereafter referred to as “Fox News?” (Italics and question mark mandatory.)


At 8:48 AM, Tom Bridge said...

Or, you could be like a large portion of the country and just flip right by.

At 12:31 PM, Bill Coughlan said...

Well, yeah, I suppose. To be fair, with Dish Network, I almost never look at the entire list of channels -- I use my preset "favorites" list.

Up until last month (when I upgraded my service to get Bravo for PGL3) I didn't even get Fox News (or MSNBC, another channel I'll be skipping); now, I just make sure to exclude it from my lists, and it's like it isn't even there.

The benefit to a protest like this is all in the publicity -- the guy'll never make a dime. I just thought it was original.

At 7:49 AM, Tom Bridge said...

Yeah, but generally, stupid can be original. Stupid is, however, still stupid.


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