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Project GreenlightDon’t forget: The new season of Project Greenlight premieres on Bravo tonight at 9:00 EST.

To get you in the mood, you might want to take a look at one of the more remarkable — if passed-over — audition pieces for that competition, Loose Ends.


At 11:17 AM, MontiLee said...

Hey - with the loss of the Weinsteins over at Miramax, do you think there is a remotely a chance for PGL4?

At 3:59 PM, Bill Coughlan said...

Not bloody likely.

The whole reason PGL survived as long as it did was because Ben Affleck was able to call Harvey Weinstein directly whenever they hit a little bump.

The only reason it even made it to season three was because they agreed to limit it to genre films -- not that there's anything wrong with genre films, but the reasoning behind it was far from creative: It was all about the almighty dollar. The studio recognized that given the return on investment for, say, a horror film, they could afford to spend a million on it.

The big lie (and yes, I'm exaggerating -- sue me) about the PGL model is that they're not really talking about an indie film, but a low-budget studio film -- a union picture. And there ain't a whole hell of a lot you can do with a million under union (and studio) constraints.

Don't get me wrong -- I loved participating in PGL. Hell, I wouldn't have directed Loose Ends without it, and it sure gave me a chance to learn; I don't think it's an exaggeration to say it led directly to Schlimmer and Screening Process (not to mention the upcoming 48HFP). And from a screenwriting perspective, it gave me the excuse to learn just what diferentiates screenwriting from short-story writing, playwriting, speechwriting, what have you.

But I don't think it's quite lived up to its promise from either the participants' or the studio's point of view. We'll see how they do this year, but unless they hit a home run (always a possibility), I wouldn't count on a return engagement.

Of course, if they do come back, I'll be right there participating again...


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