Harboring Traitors

Little George is still dodging questions as to exactly why he is providing traitors (and remember, Turd Blossom is only one of them — we know there are at least two) safe harbor within the walls of the White House.

Everyone keeps bringing up the various statements Duh-bya made (either personally or through designated liar Scott McClellan) promising to fire anyone involved in this. But I think one of his other quotes is more illustrative. I’ll paraphrase it here, changing just one word to fit the current situation:

“We will make no distinction between the [traitors] who committed these acts and those who harbor them.”

As I said before, offer your support to a traitor, and we will treat you as one. You’re treading awfully close to that line, Georgie...

(And yes, before everyone jumps down my throat, I realize that — this time — I am engaging in a little editorial hyperbole. But what the hell, if the gangsters in the White House can bring up 9/11 every time they want to push their psychotic agenda, I think a little turnabout is — as Turd Blossom would put it — “fair game.”)


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