A Particular Recommendation

I don’t often make just a blanket site recommendation here, but after a six-month hiatus, Dan over at From the Marble Bar began writing again this past June. I held off pointing this out, as I was unsure as to the expected longevity of this return (particularly as my last such recommendation immediately preceded the aforementioned hiatus), but this time, it appears to have stuck. So if you’ve got a taste for fine writing, elegant (if decidedly off-kilter) lifestyle commentary, and a sharply creative wit, give it a read. You won’t be disappointed.


At 2:24 AM, Daniel said...

Oh, piss off then, big brother! Really though, thanks for the props. Sorry to all who'd gotten interested in my blather only to find it temporarily suspended. Should I slack again, I hope that all of you will respond with sufficient vitriol. (Just TRY to match mine, why don't you...!)

At 4:19 PM, Dale said...


Yep, you know Dan pretty well. :-)

I can only imagine what he was like back when y'all were at William & Mary.


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