Holiday Crunch

Not a whole lot of time to post, as I’m scrambling to finish up two videos before the end of the year. But on a personal note, I am working on this year’s edition of A Rather Eclectic Christmas, as well as a new offering, A Rather Eclectic Chanukah (for some of Pam’s extended family).

If anyone has a chance, take a quick look at the tracks on the existing discs — you can use the links below — and let me know if (a) I’m missing any traditional standards, and (b) there are any new or particularly inspiring tracks I should stick on this time around. In very general terms, I try to put a couple of “gag” tracks at the beginning and ending of the albums, and shy away from duplicating songs I’ve included before unless the new artist does something particularly different (so you will see a couple of &ldquop;Jingle Bells’ variations, for example).

And get those suggestions in quickly, as I’ve got to get cracking on this. Not a whole lot of time left...

A Rather Eclectic Christmas (1 and 2)
A Rather Eclectic Christmas 3
A rather Eclectic Christmas 4


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