Following Right Behind the Pack

Never let it be said that I’m not willing to jump right onto a bandwagon once it’s gained irresistable momentum. That’s pretty much how this blog got started (thus ensuring that I would always be too late to catch onto the wave of hot political commentators now making a living at this sort of thing), and now it’s in the arena of podcasting.

No, there isn’t (yet) a Prometheus Unleashed podcast (I already know what I’d like to use for the theme song, though I’m not sure the artist would give it the okay given the... occasionally inflammatory nature of this site). But what I have done is start a podcast for Tohubohu Productions. For now, the idea is to chronicle our upcoming 48 Hour Film Project venture, and pass on what we’ve learned about no-budget filmmaking* along the way.

Details about the podcast (well, what details there are, anyway) are available at the Tohubohu website, though you can also find it at the iTunes Music Store (which, frankly, I just find too cool for words).

So if you’re not getting enough of my inane political ramblings here, you can hear me ramble on (my delivery making Quentin Tarantino seem like he’s on quaaludes) about making movies.

* Yes, I know digital video is not film. So what I’m doing is not technically “filmmaking.” But in the jumping-on-the-bandwagon spirit, I’m going with the crowd on this one. I think I can safely acknowledge that I’ve lost that argument.

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