Good Judgment

Looks like a federal judge has told AT&T to go take a flying leap in its cover-up-the-crime efforts to quash evidence that demonstrated exactly how they illegally colluded with the NSA to spy on American citizens.

Of course, the documents in question (or at least some of them) were published for the world to see on Wednesday, making the idea of keeping them secret kind of a lost cause anyway. Not that Wired News knew then that the judge would demonstrate that he actually was concerned with upholding the law (as opposed to being blinded by irrational loyalty to a tinpot dictator exercising unchecked imperial authority). They just knew that there was a vital public interest in exposing this type of criminal activity to the light of day.

Bravo. Nice to see the media (even if it is alternative media) doing their job for once.

Oh, and remember all the batshit-crazy wingnuts sounding off about how a Post/ABC News poll showed that a majority apparently supported the NSA’s illegal wiretaps? Going on and on about how those nutty liberals, with their crazy “educations” and their fancy “brains” and their wacky “respect for the Constitution,” just didn’t understand real Americans?

Sure, as someone with all three of those aforementioned characteristics, I was incredulous at those results. People are stupid, but they can’t be that stupid, can they?

Well, guess what? Turns out they’re not. They just didn’t have all the information yet — the story had just broken a day beforehand. Give them a few days to learn exactly what the NSA was doing — or at least all we know about so far — and the story appropriately changes, as demonstrated in the more recent (and statistically more accurate) USA Today/Gallup poll on the same subject.

And, quite rightfully, public perception of the neoimperialist party is going right into the toilet (along with that of chancellor Strauch). That’s not to say that people particularly think positively about the Democratic party — hell, I don’t always think so highly of them — but hell, anybody’s got to be better than that bunch of crooks.

So — surprise, surprise — what do the seniormost scumbags of the GOP decide to trot out again? You got it: The old standby, the We’re Afraid We Might Secretly Be Gay Amendment. Gotta keep distracting that pesky public, keep them from thinking about actual issues. Make sure they keep blaming those gays for all of society’s ills while we crush them under our collective boot heels.


At 10:36 PM, Jon Swift said...

Actually, the NSA needs this information to search for ELS Codes that will help them thwart future attacks.

At 8:26 AM, Bill Coughlan said...

Mr. Swift, your modest proposal provides the most sensible explanation of any I’ve heard so far!

Would that I had the wit to express myself in so indisputably eloquent and incicive a fashion as yourself.


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