Where’s the Smackdown?

So this is what everyone’s talking about? Claiming Bill Clinton went over the top with Chris Williams? That he was physically threatening, yelling, angry, whatever?


Just another case of where the reporting — from both ends of the spectrum — is way out of proportion to the events reported. No, lefties, this was not a triumphant blow to the vast right-wing conspiracy. And no, righties, this was not Bill Clinton blindsiding a reporter by overreacting to an innocent query.

This was nothing. Wallace asked a question, Clinton answered it. Was the question loaded? Sure — but it was hardly, “Have you stopped beating your wife?” Was Clinton’s response heated? Sure — but he wasn’t foaming at the mouth.

Frankly, I can’t believe I wasted my time tracking down the clip. I kept waiting for the big, angry finale and got nothing.


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