Yes, Virginia, You Are a Bad Person

I usually direct my political tirades against the politicians who espouse repugnant positions, and avoid denigrating regular people who might vote for or against a particular issue. But sorry, folks — here’s an issue where I can’t do the politically correct thing and chalk a political issue up to a difference of opinion.

A vote in favor of Virginia’s amendment enshrining discrimination into the state constitution does make you less of a person. Period. This isn’t a question of “defending marriage” — whatever the hell that means — but writing bigotry into the very substance of your state’s government. This has absolutely nothing to do with how you (or your church) choose to define “marriage,” but how your government will choose to deny rights to an entire class of your fellow citizens, for no rational reason whatsoever. Just pure and simple hate.

We are Virginia, and we are the state of hatred and intolerance.

A “yes” vote marks you as a poor excuse for a human being. And because of the permanent nature of this change, that mark will stay with you into the foreseeable future. Right now, 53 percent of you are apparently perfectly comfortable defining yourselves as such, a number I find positively disgusting. Frankly, I can’t stomach the thought of living in a state where more than half of the population physically repulses me.

On the other hand, people are stupid. Yeah, I know, we’re not supposed to call them stupid, but I’m not in a particularly diplomatic mood right now. So I’ll at least allow for the possibility that the bulk of that number is more stupid (okay, let’s call them “ignorant” or “uninformed,” if that’s more palatable) than outright evil.

But that allowance only goes as far as voting time. Beyond that, all labels are permanent.


At 7:32 PM, Kaz said...

Hurray, Bill!
You're right about this issue. Wish we could talk to each of the 53% and change their minds.


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