Robert Anton Wilson, 1932–2007

Alas, I just got the news that guerilla ontologist Robert Anton Wilson has shuffled off the mortal coil. I can’t overstate how huge an influence Wilson has been on my own work — hell, the very name of this website, “Prometheus Unleashed,” was directly influenced by concepts he espoused.

I do think it a fitting tribute that the soon-to-be-shipping Protégé poker chip line sports a decidedly Bob Wilson-influenced design. Not that I knew it would be a memorial tribute when I designed it, but it is a decidedly curious coincidence. Or synchronicity, perhaps: It’s as if the production delays existed to allow this tribute to be more than it was originally.

I think Bob would be pleased.

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At 2:20 PM, Andy said...

Wilson changed my life, and not in some kind of guru or new age phase - - i am changed permenantly. and he has done it with humor.

At a time when I was bummed about my loss of wonder in the universe, he woke it back up, expanded it and energized my mind.


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