A Holiday Lollapalooza

Wow, I’m really swamped trying to get things done before I disappear for the holidays — so far, I’m actually doing pretty well at checking things off of my to-do list. Of course, having said list integrated into my daily calendar on my Palm keeps most of the big items top-of-mind. I’ve still got a lot of video capturing to do before the week’s out, not to mention finishing up my latest Inkblots movie critique. Oh, and naturally, mailing out all the holiday cards and packages...

In any case, Happy (belated) Chanukah, Miraculous Festivus (a holiday of particular significance to me, as it coincides with another important day), Merry Christmas, Nzuri Kwanzaa, Blessed Eid, and Chaotic Mungday (though I should be back before then).

P.S.: The ONDCP redeemed themselves a bit with their “drive-thru” ad — much more credible and (hopefully) effective.


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