By Air to Iowa

Well, it’s off to the airport, and sunny Des Moines, Iowa. We’ve got a pretty full shooting schedule, and thankfully, Lisa, our client and coordinator of this whole shindig, has made dinner plans for at least a couple of the nights we’re out there (’cause I can’t imagine there’s gonna be a whole lot else to do out there, other that freeze our asses off). Even so, I’ve packed a couple of books, DVDs and computer games to occupy myself during the long, midwestern evenings.

I can’t help but be a little nervous, what with the Fuschia Alert (or whatever the hell they’re calling it) our illustrious leader has issued. Although frankly, I think it’s all a case of CYA. Think about it: There’s not a damned thing you or I can do differently, but at least this way, we get to be really nervous about it (as with the fnords). But if something actually does happen, Homeland Security can say, “Hey, we warned you.”

Looks like shipping the equipment out ahead of time was the way to go, as I’ve already determined that it’s arrived at the hotel (I don’t know what we did in the days before the Internet). Ideally, I’ll post the occasional update, but as I mentioned, ’net access is questionable. So if you don’t hear from me for a couple of days, Happy Emperor Norton’s Birthday... or Happy Daredevil Release Day...or maybe just Happy Valentine’s Day, all!


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