Random Musings

Just a few quick thoughts today.

First, if there are any racing fans out there, check out American Race Fan. It hasn’t got a lot of bells and whistles, but it’s a good source for racing headlines and results. I had nothing to do with the current website design, but I did design their logos and a portion of the original site layout (a long time ago).

PalmSecond, the new Tungsten T is working out pretty well. I’ve managed to transfer most of my stuff over to the new unit, with only a few exceptions. The biggest issue is the fact that some apps don’t work well (if at all) under PalmOS 5; in some cases I’ve had to find a few replacement apps (SplashPhoto instead of FireViewer, for example), and in others (e.g., PDA Cookbook), I’m just going to have to wait until OS 5-compatible versions come out. But, in any case, I’m happy with this solution.

And finally, I’m gonna kill that damned groundhog...


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