A Little Explanation

About yesterday’s — April first — post...

I thought I’d get at least one person to come right out and say I was full of it. I figured that the idea of an Academy Award-winning screenwriter asking me to flesh out the unfinished work of an Academy Award-nominated screenwriter would make somebody go, “Huh?” Oh, sure, I threw in a bunch of diversionary jargon, tossed in a few facts (Tim Talbott was a friend of mine in high school, and in addition to being an uncredited screenwriter himself, he is friends with Christopher McQuarrie), but still, I was sure somebody would catch on. Couple that with the fact that I can’t keep a secret to save my life, and I felt that at the very least, some of my coworkers would figure out that something was up.

I wanted to do something at least a bit memorable this year (I remember a radio station gag a few years back that had people turning their radios upside down for improved reception), but I was careful to stay away from anything that hinted at the negative (no “my dog died” stories); I wanted people to feel taken, but not taken advantage of. A few of you had read at least one of the innumerable “drafts” of my screenplay (which, alas, Tim did not care for, let alone Chris McQuarrie), so I figured that might be a good jumping-off point. And the rest is history. Or at least my little segment of it.

I suppose I should really take it as a compliment that so many of my friends would believe I could do this. And for that, I sincerely thank you all.

Now you can all make comments about what a bastard I am...

“Classic” reader comments:

David · Wed, Apr 2nd 2003, at 9:35AM

The following is the e-mail I sent Bill once he revealed the joke to me:

"Oh Bill.... You Bastard! You gave me hope for one brief moment! And to think that I was already planning your goodbye party. Ugggg..... It even played well with the vacation request you sent today - obviously that was all part of the plan. Well, you got me, and you got me good.... jerk!"

Hillary · Wed, Apr 2nd 2003, at 10:18AM

Bill, what a bastard you are!

Actually, I never read the first message until you sent the e-mail to read the update. I would like to think I would have caught on, since there were other April Fool's jokes going on. But who are we kidding here?

Bravo on fooling everyone else — suckers!

Mike · Wed, Apr 2nd 2003, at 10:30AM

Dick! You had me going, but I was really hoping it was true...if Ben Affleck can write a screenplay, you definitely can!

David L · Wed, Apr 2nd 2003, at 11:20AM


Dan · Wed, Apr 2nd 2003, at 4:54PM

You're such a bastard. Heh.

Kori · Wed, Apr 2nd 2003, at 6:31PM

Since everyone else is posting their emails to Bill, here's an excerpt from mine:

"You totally suck! I was really excited for you. Now I hate you.

See where your pranks get you, Bill Coughlan? You will never work for Korilu productions!

You must remember, though, that I believe enough in your talent that I actually think that this could happen for you, my friend. That's no joke. "

Nello · Wed, Apr 2nd 2003, at 6:37PM

I knew it. No scotch for you, my friend. (At least not yet.)


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