The Triumphant Return of William R. Coughlan, Thespian

Okay, maybe not triumphant, really, but at least up there. After much deliberation (i.e., procrastination), I’ll be returning to the stage after more than a decade’s absence, in this weekend’s Cedar Lane Stage Summer Sampler program. It’s an assortment of one-act plays, and I’ll be performing in Superhero, written by Mark Harvey Levine and directed by the Advisory Board’s own Nello DeBlasio.

I’m looking at this as sort of theater production meets sitcom production — less because it’s a light comedy than that we’ve basically got one week to get this thing ready to go up. Not that only one week was allotted for rehearsals, but... well... we didn’t get started as early as some might have hoped. Still, it’s a cute, funny little play, and if anyone’s interested, be sure to come by. Performances are Saturday and Sunday evenings at 8:00, this weekend and next (i.e., the 19th, 20th, 26th, and 27th), and tickets are just $5.00.

I could sure use a few friendly faces in the audience.


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