The Ideals of Prometheus Live On

I happened to run across another “Prometheus” site today, that of the Prometheus Project. Using the myth of Prometheus as a launching point — they have a fairly decent summary of the myth on-site — the project organizers seek to use the Internet as a tool to organize motivated, intelligent people toward the goal of effecting positive change. Specifically, they hope to counter the actions of the neofascists (they use the more politically palatable, though to my mind less accurate, “neo-conservatives”) to implement an authoritarian order in both this nation and the world. Basically, they make a lot of the same arguments I do, but they do so in a far less vitriolic, more supportable manner. What can I say? I tend to let my frustration get the better of me.

In any case, an essay on the site, The Armageddon File: The Right Wing Plan to Hijack America by Sean Michael O’Culeigh (which I believe may originally have appeared on the South Texas Alliance for Peace site), is a fantastic primer on the forces organizing to create that order. The points made are organized, credible, and supported — in fact, as with the best of such essays, it works more to stimulate reader investigation than to provide simple answers. It’s a bit long — well, in the world of ’net essays, anyway — but it is well worth the time necessary to give it a good read.

I’ll be checking back with the Prometheus Project periodically. Our viewpoints may not mesh exactly, but they’re close enough for me to offer my heartfelt endorsement of their efforts.


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