Still Hangin’ In There

We just got phone and water service back — though they’re telling us we’ll still have to boil our drinking water for the next several days — but still no power. Eventually, we decided to take an evening sojourn to my folks’ house out in Fairfax, braving the lack of working traffic signals en route. Quick note — Hey, morons: No signal means you treat the intersection as a four-way stop; I swear, don’t know how some of these idiots get their drivers’ licenses.

Sorry about that... where was I? Oh, yeah, my folks’ house. See, they decided to go out and get a generator, which meant they could at least power their freezer, a light... and a television. In the end, they actually got their power back before we arrived, so I’m jotting this down while Murphy gets a much-needed recharge. We’ll see if we’ve got power when we get home later tonight, but in the meantime, I’m going to go take an equally-needed shower.


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