Oh, So That’s My Bush!

Duh-byaThis one’s just too good to let go without making at least passing mention. Timothy Bottoms — who did a hilarious job lampooning little George on the short-lived Comedy Central series That’s My Bush! — is actually portraying Duh-bya in the Showtime original movie, DC 9/11: Time of Crisis.

The first showing was this past Sunday, with the next running tomorrow evening; not having Showtime, I won’t be able to tune in. According to the reviews, it’s a thinly veiled propaganda film for Georgie’s reelection, but it’s so terrible that nobody will really give a rat’s ass. Still, going from ridiculing the Idiot-in-Chief to promoting him... that Bottoms fellow is pretty damned versatile. I wouldn’t be surprised if, at this rate, we end up living a real-life version of Dave — after all, should anything happen to Bush, Dick Cheney may find it better to keep a figurehead in office rather than come under scrutiny himself.


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