Better Late Than Never, I Suppose

Fray Day 7 DCOkay, so it’s been more than two weeks since the event in question, but I told you I’d get around to thanking the (remaining) Fray Day open-mic performers. Honestly, their performances were just as stellar as the featured ones. Lorelei Brown, aside from the mother/daughter dynamic, I also learned much about speeding. Julia Montgomery, I’ve got a whole new perspective on milk, but just let me state for the record that I am not an AV guy. Dan Lisle, Kansas (not to mention giant prairie dogs and Gregorian chants) has never seemed so compelling. And Dan Guy Fowlkes, I gained a new appreciation for the choices we all make as maturity looms.

After a wonderful set like this year’s, my only regret is having to wait another year until the next one.

Oh, and I spent the weekend trying to at least capture all of the audio from the event, but alas — what with having to edit together yet another video due tomorrow — I’ve not been able to get everything pieced together yet (dang, this takes a long time). Don’t feel too bad, though — I wasn’t able to do a whole lot of work on the three (count ’em, three) pieces I sort of promised to Geoff for the next Inkblots either. I was able to cut together the first half of the program — think of it as a two-disc set, though I don’t know if we’ll actually produce CDs — so as soon as I get them compressed, we’ll probably get them up. For those of you keeping score, that’ll be the stories by Geoffrey Long, SarahScott Brett, Lorelei Brown, Kori Lusignan, David Thomas, Julia Montgomery, Talon Beeson, and Tom Bridge, leaving David Seitzinger, Dan Lisle, myself, Dan Guy Fowlkes, and Michael Alex Wasylik for part two (I guess we “second-discers” were a little more long-winded). Keep an eye out at the event site for details. Or just keep reading here, since I’ll no doubt make mention of it. I have trouble keeping my mouth shut that way.


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