What Say We Scrub the Old Way of Doing Things?

AppleOkay, after two politically-oriented entries today, let me shift gears and cover technology and entertainment. According to an article at MacCentral, Touchstone Television and NBC have decided to go all Apple for the production of the television show Scrubs. Seems they had been using Apple hardware for the show’s first two seasons, but were using Avid editing software; this year, they’ve decided to go with Final Cut Pro. Not to mention using Logic for music production and iDVD for burning quick copies for the execs.

Don’t expect everyone to make the same leap just yet, though. Scrubs only uses a single camera for shooting (like a movie, or most television dramas), unlike the usual (Desi Arnaz-invented) sitcom model of the three-camera shoot, and Final Cut Pro doesn’t really support multiple camera viewing (yet). Once it does, though, look out. The big boys will be following in my footsteps for a change.


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