Sometimes You Don’t Realize How Good You’ve Got It

Well, the CR-V is still in the shop. Seems they got the wrong part yesterday, and have to have the right one shipped in today. Which means I’m stuck driving... a rental. Now, I by no means intend to slam Enterprise — their service and attitude was impeccable, particularly given the number of people who are renting cars because of Isabel-induced damage to their own. But I’m stuck driving a base-level Ford Escort. Okay, maybe not absolutely base-level; it does have an automatic transmission and a cassette deck. I didn’t even know they still made cars like this — and it’s a 2002, no less (though technically, the Escort was discontinued after that year). No power windows, no power locks... no power anything. Plus, the thing’s so tiny I can barely fit in the driver’s seat — I mean, I’m 6'1" (okay, more like 6'½"), but I’m no giant. And the rear-view mirrors are so small I can’t see a damn thing behind me. Pam’s response, of course, was, “Now you know how I felt driving that Corolla around for five years.” Well, anyway, with any luck everything will be finished this afternoon, and I’ll be able to sit up without banging my head on the car ceiling.

Fray Day 7 DCOnly one week until Fray Day 7 DC (you will all be attending, right?), and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a tad nervous. Oh, not about getting up in front of a crowd and speaking — my unbridled ego allowed me to overcome that little fear quite some time ago. But usually when I get up in front of a group, I like to be a bit more prepared than I am at this stage...

Oh, and speaking of the do-not-call list (okay, that’s a ham-handed segue, but I’m pressed for time), I’m curious to see what happens with this latest judicial strike-down. I don’t think the assholes... I’m sorry, First-Amendment protectors... really have a case — your right to speak does not allow you to force me to listen — but if it is upheld, I’m really eager to see how Congress will handle it. For those of you unfamiliar with the recent ruling, it invalidates the list because it allows exceptions for charities, pollsters, and — here’s the biggie — political organizations. Do you honestly believe that the politicians would shoot themselves in the foot by prohibiting their own propaganda machines? Of course, from a strictly fairness-oriented standpoint, I should have the right to refuse calls by any of the currently exempted groups. But I signed up for a list which prohibited solicitations. If they offer a list that prohibits the others, I’ll sign up for that, too, but I don’t see why — from a legal standpoint — they must be the same list. One step at a time, right?

Dean for AmericaAnd there are only a few days left before the third-quarter FEC campaign filing deadline — even a contribution of as little as, say $25, would be greatly appreciated — as an e-mail message from Rob Reiner reminded me this morning.

Okay, so it wasn’t really written to me personally, but I can imagine...


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