Ah, California...

Well, we made it. Finally.

First of all, I barely made my flight because the Georgetown FedEx office doesn’t open until noon (whoops!). Then we found out they don’t do “first-in-the-morning” deliveries to the hotel in San Jose. So we had to do some quick rethinking, sending the equipment to the local FedEx office, which thankfully opens at 8:30. So if all goes well, we should still be able to get started by 9:00 tomorrow morning.

What I’m more concerned about is making our return flight. ’Cause there ain’t another one until Wednesday morning. It is a pretty straight shot up the highway back to Oakland, but it’ll be (at least the beginnings of) rush hour. But certainly no time to stop off in Cupertino (dammit).

In any case, I’m too tired — after a combined six hours in the air and another 45 minutes on the road — to write anything intelligent (or frankly intelligible) right now. So I’m just gonna take off my shoes and socks and walk around the carpet barefoot, making fists with my toes.

I heard somewhere that it helps with jet lag...


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