And the Campaign Rolls On

Dean for AmericaHot damn. Al Gore just endorsed Howard Dean for President. Lieberman — whatever his public comments might be — has got to be pissed. Especially since he doesn’t seem to be generating enough support to warrant a second shot at a vice-presidential ticket position.

I’m starting to reverse myself in my analysis. Back in October, I said that a Wesley Clark VP shot wouldn’t benefit the Dean campaign all that much. Now, though, with Clark still generating a lot of buzz, that may not be the case. Sure, he doesn’t have the geographic base the other candidates can deliver, but he’s got a good chance of combating the usual G.O.P. tactic of obscuring real issues by appealing to patriotic abstracts. Bush may be able to slam Dean for his lack of military service (though Bush’s own military “service” was a joke), but Clark offers no such vulnerability.

The plot thickens.


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