The Fix Is In

I suppose I should be at least a little bit happy: The monstrosity that was the energy bill (and I’ve come around — after reading some of the provisions, I am passionate about it) has been shelved; it ain’t dead, but at least it’s comatose. But then again, I’m having a hard time feeling celebratory, in that the “screw-the-elderly” bill passed the Senate. E.J. Dionne puts it rather nicely: “The Democrats Take a Dive.”

At least the Post seems to have grown a bit of its spine back in a couple of editorials, last Sunday’s “Congratulations” and today’s “The Grand Finale”; they’re not stepping back from accusing bill supporters of being “bought off” in the case of the energy bill, and accepting “bribes” and succumbing to “threats” on the Medicare atrocity. Finally, somebody’s calling it like it is.

Now we’ll have to wait and see if their integrity lasts, but I’d say this is a promising start.


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