The Next Stage in Wolfowitz’s World-Domination Scheme

WolfowitzSo let me get this straight. Über-imperialist Paul Wolfowitz is going to limit Iraqi reconstruction to countries who supported Duh-bya in his illegal invasion of Iraq, “for the protection of the essential security interests of the United States.” Please. This has nothing to do with nebulous “security interests”; it’s all about two things: retaliation and raw greed. I was going to make a comment of my own, but frankly I haven’t got anything to top John Kerry: “I can't think of anything dumber or more insulting or more inviting to the disdain of countries and potential failure of our policy.” Or maybe Joe Biden, who called the policy a “totally gratuitous slap” that “does nothing to protect our security interests and everything to alienate countries we need with us in Iraq.” Or GW Law School professor Steven Schooner: “This kind of decision just begs for retaliation and a tit-for-tat response from countries [such as Germany, France and Russia].”

But alas, Wolfowitz’s megalomania won’t allow for the possibility of being wrong. Or of the very existence of a differing worldview. Or of giving the rest of the world any consideration whatsoever. According to him, “Limiting competition for prime contracts will encourage the expansion of international cooperation in Iraq and in future efforts.” Um, exactly how is pissing off our allies going to encourage cooperation? I suppose it doesn’t matter when you’ve got a divine mandate to take over the world. It’s all just insignificant detail.

This guy’s done more damage to world security than Saddam Hussein could ever have dreamed of.


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