Elation and Frustration

Good: Dean wins the D.C. primary (of course, it’s nonbinding, which means it’s purely a symbolic gesture). Carol Moseley Braun prepares to endorse him as she drops out of the race — she may not have had a chance, but I kind of liked her (and she was great on The Daily Show).

Bad: My satellite receiver is out. I know it’s the receiver itself — when hooked up, the old receiver gets a signal lock, while the new one won’t — but the tech support center is determined to rule out a problem with the dish or the connecting cables before they’ll move to the next steps in trying to fix the receiver itself. Which would entail passing me up the chain to the high-end tech support department. Now, I could pay $99 for a service call... or wait until I have some daylight-hours free time to make adjustments myself. And since I’m flying out to Arizona for the full weekend, I won’t have any time until next weekend. So is it worth a hundred bucks to have the downstairs television working...?

Okay, so maybe those “good” and “bad” selections are of radically different levels of national import. Hey, I may rant like a maniac here, but believe it or not, my personal life actually does matter. To me, anyway.


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