Look, Just Learn to Live With the Fact That You’re a Divider, Not a Uniter

Wow, I make mention of the plagiarism fiasco going on over at Tequila Mockingbird, and I get more hits than... well... ever. I’m under no illusion that they’ll stick around — after all, Prometheus Unleashed is rather a different animal — but who knows? Maybe a couple of passers-by will take a liking to my brand of expression. Welcome, all. Look around. Chat awhile.

Duh-byaSpeaking of asshats (sorry, Julia — I promise I won’t use it too regularly), it looks like the presidential prognosticators were right after all, if a little off on the timing.

Duh-bya’s set to launch his moon-landing initiative sometime next week. But no, he’s gotta do Kennedy one better. He’s determined to set up a permanent presence on the moon, with the full plan being to use it as a staging point for a manned Mars mission.

Total estimated cost: Somewhere around the one trillion dollar mark. No, that’s not a typo: One trillion. Of course, in true Bush regime fashion, they won’t actually say anything about the total cost — no, they’ll wait until later to drop that shoe.

Hey, I’m all in favor of manned space exploration — christ, I’m still watching Enterprise — but to launch a massive spending program right after you’ve effectively bankrupted the country isn’t just asinine, it’s bordering on cerifiably insane. God, we can’t even keep the space station running right, and you want to build a moon base? You’ve got to crawl before you can walk, little Georgie.

Then again, the space station is an international effort, and we all know how he feels about the rest of the world, now, don’t we?

What kills me is the real motive behind all of this. Duh-bya and his cronies couldn’t care less about space exploration — they just want something to “reunite” the nation after all the damage they’ve done in polarizing it in the first place. “Hmm, half the country hates me... what we gonna do ’bout that, hm? I thought that there war would keep the little buggers happy, but they keep on pointin’ out that we had to lie to ’em to get it all started. I sure as hell can’t tell one Ay-rab from another, who’da thought they could? Well, I sure as hell ain’t gonna stop bein’ an asshole, so what else we got on the table?”

Got news for you — we’re not about to start getting all cozy with you, no matter what ridiculous initiative you pull out of your ass. The nation may not be unified, but this half of it sure as hell is.


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