A Couple of Quick Required-Reading Links

The first comes courtesy of Salon.com and MoveOn.org (brought to my attention by Talon Beeson). It’s called “The New Pentagon Papers,” by Karen Kwiatkowski, and it provides a first-hand look at how the neofascists “manipulated” reality (i.e., lied) to achieve their longstanding objective of invading Iraq.

InkblotsThat article got me thinking about another one that I’d also like to call attention to: “What Value Truth?” by some on-line writer... can’t remember his name offhand.

Speaking of lying, anyone want to start a pool on when the regime will trot out a “suddenly” captured Osama bin Laden? I call October 19th. I figure two weeks before the election is enough time for folks to hear the news, but not to actually think too hard about the convenient timing.


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