Time to Say Goodbye

Project GreenlightSincerest congratulations to all of those writers and directors who advanced to the second round of Project Greenlight!

Alas, I will not be joining you. I’ll post some of my thoughts after reading my reviews later — right now I’ve got to prepare for a “pitch meeting” for the CEO of my company at five o’clock. (One thing does strike me as a bit curious, though I suppose it could just be a site glitch — all of the reviews for Holding Pattern say that they were not used for scoring. Not just the high and low scorers, but all seven of them. If it’s not a glitch, it would lead me to believe I was somehow disqualified. Curious.)

Can’t say I’m not seriously disappointed (I do wish there were some way to get feedback on the director’s scenes). I’m trying to check back on the user names of some of the screenplays I reviewed, since — judging by the titles — it looks like two of the screenplays I reviewed favorably made it to round two. I can’t be sure yet, as the site’s moving extremely slowly right now (gee, I can’t imagine why).

On the other hand, unless there’s a duplicate title (and I seriously hope so), it also looks like at least one piece of utter crap made it through as well.

Addendum: Yes, it did turn out to be a site glitch. So no conspiracy theories here. At least not today.


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