Getting Off to a Beautiful Start This Morning

This morning’s not turning out so great. First, I had to make the coffee. Not that this is that big a deal, but I got spoiled for a while, there. For a few months, somebody else in the office was making coffee, at least a lot of the time. Now, every time I go in there, it’s yesterday’s leftovers. So I have to clean out the coffee maker and brew a new carafe. Again, I can live with this, but it’s just one of those little annoyances that can really get your day off on the wrong foot. I guess I really am the last guy on Earth who’s not willing to pay three bucks for a friggin’ cup of coffee.

Project GreenlightMore significantly, I just checked the PGL3 site; specifically, the contest timeline. See, originally, they were going to announce the first-round winners by midnight tonight — twelve hours after the close of reviews — but they soon after changed it to noon tomorrow. Now, apparently, they’ve moved it back once again — to noon on Friday. Of course, those are all Pacific time, which means I’m not gonna know squat until three in the afternoon.

Which means I’ll either have a really good weekend, or a really bad one. (Actually, not all that good in either case, as I’m still gonna be stuck here taking care of Sasha while the rest of the family heads down to Virginia Beach, but that’s another story.)


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