Karen Ryan George Bush reporting...”

I do hope you were planning to fund Duh-bya’s campaign commercials — ’cause your tax dollars are doing just that. Oh, I’m not talking about federal campaign funds — these are the funds that are supposed to be used in the regular business of government. Specifically, your money is funding a flagrantly partisan series of commercials being aired during local newscasts, touting the benefits (and conveniently omitting the shortcomings) of the behemoth that is the Medicare prescription drug benefit. Complete with standing ovation for little George. What’s worse, the commercials aren’t even being noted as such: They’re ostensibly a series of “special reports” by nonexistent reporter “Karen Ryan,” a creation of the Bush regime.

Are you likely to see these segments running in major markets? Probably not — most big-city station news departments have this thing called “ethics” to worry about (well, maybe not Fox, but that’s another story). But I’d keep my eyes peeled. (And thanks to Stand Tall for pointing it out.)


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