Really, I’m Leaving, I Swear...

I just had to say something. There’s a reason I stopped listening to WTOP for anything other than traffic and weather. This morning, I’m listening to their news for a change, and they were running a story on the Supreme Court’s hearing of the ability of Gitmo prisoners to access the U.S. courts to assert their rights as prisoners of war. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that this particular case is a sticky one, even if the general issue — the Bush regime is in clear violation of the Geneva Convention and has established the U.S. as an outlaw state — is pretty damned cut-and-dried.

But to explain the case that the judiciary should not enter into the administration of the “war on terrorism,” they cite some yahoo from The American Center for Law and Justice. Just as if it’s a legitimate legal think tank. Hello! The American Center for Law and Justice is nothing of the sort — it’s Pat Robertson’s little puppet organization! Okay, I can understand including a quote from them — with proper explanation as to the group’s purpose — if this were some religious or other issue in which Robertson had a stake, but to pretend that it’s a respected organization that has anything to do with either law or justice is poor reporting at best, flagrant right-wing partisanship at worst.

Hey, NPR may spend an inordinate amount of time on the “human interest” stories at a time when I’m just more interested in national news, but at least they don’t deliberately mislead their listeners. Back to WAMU...


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