A Step in the Right Direction

Well, at least Nancy Pelosi’s willing to step up to the plate and acknowledge that Duh-bya’s completely and utterly incompetent (yeah, I know “completely and utterly” is redundant, but I just couldn’t help it). But I think she deserves greater praise for not only making such statements, but standing by them now that the Republican attack dogs — led, naturally, by chief rabies carrier Tom DeLay — have pounced all over her.

And as for the RNC’s statement charging that Pelosi is placing more blame for the deaths of U.S. servicemen on Bush than on the terrorists... hello! I’ll say it right here: At least in terms of service deaths in Iraq, hell, yes, Bush is more to blame. He started a war of choice, doing everything in his power to blur the lines between the “terrorists” and the Iraqis, despite there being no connection whatsoever between the two. Have the terrorists now gone into Iraq and started attacking U.S. troops? Apparently so. But such attacks are directly related to Bush’s decision to wage an ill-considered and completely unnecessary war.

Sure, I blame the terrorists — at least in those cases where actual “terrorists” were responsible. But do I hold Bush more accountable for overall service deaths?

Damn straight.


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