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Supreme CourtThis just in: Christianity is still the official religion of the United States.

The Supreme Court just invalidated Michael Newdow’s claim that the phrase “under God” was a violation of the separation of church and state — a mind-bogglingly obvious assertion. Or, to be more specific, they conveniently decided that he didn’t have standing to bring the suit in the first place. Whereas had the court simply refused to hear the case, the last-bastion-of-sanity Ninth Circuit Court decision barring the phrase (for that jurisdiction) would have stood; by invalidating the case altogether, that decision is apparently nullified. Meaning that now, across the nation as a whole, schoolchildren are forced to swear fealty to “one nation under God.” (And please, don’t insult my intelligence by saying that children aren’t forced to do so — I don’t know what planet you’re on, but here on Earth, de facto force works just as well as de jure.)

Seems like we’re steadfastly determined to remain in the dark ages. Which, no doubt, suits Duh-bya and his right-wing, lily-white, fanatical Christian supporters just fine.


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